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Shoreh Irani, MD

Dr. Shoreh Irani, an Emergency Medicine Physician and Stanford Emergency Medicine graduate, brings 13 years of diverse experience spanning Emergency Departments, urgent care, telemedicine, and asynchronous health. She has a special interest in physician-guided AI, aiming to enhance AI-based clinical decision tools and triage applications. Dr. Irani also demonstrates expertise in integrating AI health products across international markets. She heads a professional group, "Physician Led AI in Medicine", and publishes a newsletter highlighting advancements in AI tools across medical fields.

Consulting Services

  • End user perspective

  • Clinical content creation/review

  • Clinical strategy consulting

  • Leadership consulting and team building

  • Diligence

  • SME advising Emergency Medicine, telemedicine, urgent care, asynchronous health, women’s health

  • Fractional CMO

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